Earth Care odor remover


Earth Care Odor Removing Bag -- Odor Eliminating Bag & Odor Absorbing Bag. Pets bring a lot of love, warmth and happiness to their households, but they can occasionally bring bad odors as well. Eliminate bad pet odors with the amazingly effective Earth Care Odor Removing Bag.

This simple and non-toxic odor eliminating bag absorbs bad odor, leaving your house smelling fresh and clean.Pet accidents, illnesses and upset stomachs happen. Strong odors or stains can make it difficult for you to enjoy your time at home or even hesitant to invite over friends and guests.

The Earth Care Odor Removing Bag can work on even the worst odors. The odor absorbing bag contains a special, all natural mineral that acts like a magnet, attracting and neutralizing smells. Just place the odor eliminating bag near the smell, and within 24 hours the odor should be gone.

The Earth Care odor Removing Bag is a perfect addition to the litter box room, near your pet's bedding or in any space where pet smells linger. You can even tuck this odor absorbing bag in the back seat of your car. This odor eliminating bag is effective for most pet odors, including feces, urine, vomit, outdoor smells and even skunk attacks.This odor absorbing bag contains an all-natural mineral that is safe to use around pets and children.

All the materials, including the bag, are biodegradable. The bag is an effective odor trapper for up to 200 square feet and lasts between three and four months when in use.The bag doesn't trap just pet odors. You can also use it to help eliminate all the odors in your life. Tuck it in a closet next to your shoes, near the laundry basket, in the bathroom, in your car, near trashcans or even in your gym locker.