Multi-Purpose Cleaner MP 11 Quart


MP 11 RTU Multi-Purpose Cleaner is an environmentally responsible, biodegradable, ready to use product for immediate use. With a formula based on the Focus MP 11 concentrate, MP 11 RTU incorporates all of the superior cleaning characteristics and a fresh Bergamot fragrance that is suitable for everyday spray-and-wipe cleaning. This versatile multi-surface cleaner removes routine soils without rinsing. Conveniently packaged in a clear 32 oz. trigger sprayer bottle.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner is an environmentally preferable product designed to perform well yet have no harmful effects on our environment. 

Ready-To-Use cleaners are made from readily biodegradable and renewable ingredients, contain no irritants, no butyls, no phthalates, nor any known carcinogens or endocrine disruptors.  
MP11 Multi-Purpose Cleaner provides top-tier performance for cleaning floors, walls, chrome, stainless steel, table tops, vinyl, sealed wood and many other surfaces not harmed by water.